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How Long Does an Eviction Take in Florida?

December 14, 20234 min read

As the Florida sun casts its warmth on residents, the looming question of eviction timelines creates uncertainty. In this exploration, we'll unravel the intricacies of the eviction process in Florida, delving into the timeframes and legal complications.

How long does an eviction process take in Florida? The procedure could be completed in as little as a week, especially if the eviction remains uncontested. However, it might extend over several years in rare and unusual circumstances. On average, when there are no valid defenses to the eviction action, the process typically takes around 15 days.

Join us as we delve into the heart of the matter: Let's explore the mystery of evictions in Florida with Mosaic. This exploration aims to illuminate the timelines and clarify a sometimes murky landscape.

What is Eviction?

Eviction is the act of compelling someone to leave their home, often initiated due to nonpayment of rent or a violation of the rental agreement. In Florida, where eviction laws are stringent, landlords must adhere to a precise legal process involving court proceedings

For tenants facing eviction, reaching out for help is crucial. Beyond governmental aid, local churches and nonprofits often provide emergency funds for housing-related expenses. 

While Florida is considered landlord-friendly, tenants can challenge evictions on grounds such as errors in notices, discrimination, lack of proper notice, or poor property maintenance.

The Legal Action - Eviction Process

How long does an eviction take in Florida

Tenants facing eviction should seek legal advice from a Florida eviction attorney to navigate the legal intricacies. Despite the rising trend of evictions in Florida, understanding your rights and having a valid defense can be pivotal. 

The state of Florida mandates a precise sequence of events before an eviction can occur:

Following is the detail about how long does an eviction lawsuit take in Florida:

1. Written Notice to Vacate - The Beginning

Tenants receive a written notice to vacate. Florida law requires landlords to issue a written notice, usually 3 to 7 days, depending on the nature of the violation. This sets the stage for the entire eviction process.

2. Filing the Eviction Lawsuit: Act 1

Should the initial notice go unanswered, landlords initiate the legal paperwork of complaint by filing an eviction lawsuit. This critical act involves navigating the legal waters and may take a variable amount of time, typically from a few days to weeks.

3. Summons and Response: The Legal Dialogue

The tenant is then served with a summons and complaint, officially marking the beginning of the court proceedings. This phase, from summons to response time, may unfold over a week or two, contingent on legal efficiency and the tenant's location.

4. Court Hearing: The Climax

The legal confrontation culminates in a court hearing where both parties present their cases. The duration from filing the lawsuit to the court hearing can vary, generally a few weeks. The court can either grant or deny the eviction. 

5. Writ of Possession: The Resolution

If the court rules in favor of the landlord, the final act involves obtaining a Writ of Possession. This court order grants law enforcement the authority to physically remove the tenant and all their belongings from the property. 

If you are considering how long does it take to evict a tenant in Florida? The answer depends upon the duration from the court hearing to obtaining the Writ can range from a couple of weeks to a month.

In the eviction process, knowledge is your greatest ally. Whether you're a landlord navigating the legal labyrinth or a tenant facing the possibility of eviction, being informed empowers you to make informed decisions.

Landlord Restrictions

How long does it take to evict a tenant in Florida

Landlords attempting illegal tactics during eviction, such as shutting off utilities or changing locks, may face repercussions. Florida law protects tenants, with landlords potentially having to pay up to three months' rent and attorney fees for such actions.

Types of Notices

Florida landlords use different notices to initiate evictions:

1. Three-Day Notice: For nonpayment of rent, give the tenant three business days to pay or vacate.

2. Seven-Day Notice: Issued for lease violations, allowing the tenant seven days to rectify the issue.

Contact Mosaic for Expert Guidance!

How long does it take to evict someone in Florida

If you find yourself entangled in the complexities of the eviction process, Mosaic is here to help. Our team of experts specializes in navigating the legal landscape of landlord-tenant relations in Florida. Don't face this journey alone – reach out to Mosaic for personalized assistance tailored to your unique situation.


So, how long does it take to evict someone in Florida? It's a narrative that unfolds uniquely for each case. By understanding the steps and timelines, you can confidently and clearly navigate this process. 

Remember, Mosaic is here to guide you through every step of the way – because when it comes to evictions, knowledge is power, and support makes all the difference.

Depending on various factors, eviction proceedings in Florida can span from a few days to several months.


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