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How Much Can a Landlord Raise Rent in Florida?

How Much Can a Landlord Raise Rent in Florida? (2024)

March 13, 16918 min read

Rental prices keep increasing year after year. This has made housing much more difficult for average citizens. As a result, many states have decided to approve rent control laws to help the citizens out.

Florida is among the states where the belief exists that rent control measures restrict housing availability, leading to banning such practices. While there aren't any strict laws regarding increasing rental rates, you should still be aware of florida's rent control landlord-tenant laws.

Let's examine how rent control and regulations related to rent increases function in florida in 2023.

Is it Normal to Expect a Sudden Increase in Rent?

Is it Normal to Expect a Sudden Increase in Rent?

As a renter, it's important to know that your rent can increase significantly over time without your consent or prior notice. This can pose a significant burden for individuals living on a fixed income or those with limited financial resources.

It's crucial to remember this when considering a move to Florida or when searching for a suitable place to live, especially if you have budget constraints.

If you fall into one of the following categories, a rental increase might cause concern for you:

  • You rely on a fixed income.

  • You have recently relocated to the rental area.

While it is uncommon for landlords to raise rent to an unaffordable extent, there are situations where certain areas within cities experience significant improvement and growth. In such cases, landlords may feel justified in charging considerably higher rental amounts for their properties.

Unfortunately, if your rental property is located in one of these areas, you may be unable to prevent this rent increase. Consequently, you might find yourself in a position where you must relinquish your rental due to the changed price.

Note that certain regions of the United States have regulations limiting the extent to which landlords can increase rent. This provides a sense of security for tenants residing in rental properties.

However, in Florida, landlords can raise rent by any amount if they provide advance notice to the tenant. It's important to note that this policy may not apply in all states, but it is applicable in Florida.

Consequently, it is crucial to carefully review all communication received from your landlord to stay informed about any impending changes before they come into effect.

How Much Can My Landlord Increase Rent in Florida?

How Much Can My Landlord Increase Rent in Florida?

The cost of rent is generally high across many locations in the United States, and certain areas of Florida are known for their particularly high living expenses.

There is no limit to how much you can raise the rent as a landlord in Florida. This means that the landlord who owns your property can raise the rent amount by any number they choose.

They might find that many people need help to rent the property for a price they have picked over the standard cost of living in the rental area. This is a risk they are allowed to take.

In Florida, the landlords have complete freedom to increase rent and set rental rates according to their discretion, as long as they give proper notice.

Rent Control Laws in Florida

Rent Control Laws in Florida

No, Florida does not have any rent control laws in place. Furthermore, the state takes it a step further by explicitly prohibiting rent control, putting it among the group of several other states in the U.S. that share this stance.

This means individual cities and counties in Florida can only implement rent control measures if deemed essential.

Rent Control Laws in Florida Cities

Rent Control Laws in Florida Cities

No cities in Florida have local laws regarding rent increases due to the preemptive ban in place. However, in a housing crisis that poses a public threat, cities have the authority to enforce temporary regulations on rent increases. These controls are limited to a maximum period of 12 months.

Rent controls are not widely implemented in this state; however, if enacted for a particular county, all landlords must adhere to the established regulations.

Moreover, if a landlord or lobbyist challenges the price controls in court, the municipality must be able to provide evidence to support their implementation. Tampa, Orlando, Miami, and other cities in Florida have minimal local rent increase laws due to statewide limitations.

What is the Required Notice Period When Raising Rent In Florida?

In Florida, the specific notice period required when raising the rent can vary depending on the lease agreement and the type of tenancy. Florida law does not alot a specific time frame for giving notice before increasing the rent.

However, certain local governments in Florida, such as Royal Palm Beach and Miami-Dade County, have implemented their own regulations regarding notice requirements. In rental agreements, landlords can specify a minimum notice period according to their preference.

In Royal Palm Beach and Miami-Dade County, tenants must be given a 60-day notice for rent increases exceeding 5%. It is important to check the local legislation in your specific region to determine if there are any notice requirements.

Although Florida law does not establish a minimum notice requirement, it does emphasize the importance of parties acting in good faith, which implies that landlords should provide tenants with a reasonable notice period before implementing a rent increase.

Unless local regulations state otherwise, the notice period required for terminating a lease often serves as a reasonable notice period for a rent increase. The following are the typical notice periods:

  • For a week-to-week lease: 7 days' notice

  • For a month-to-month lease: 15 days' notice

  • For a quarter-to-quarter lease: 30 days' notice

  • For a year-to-year lease: 60 days' notice

The relatively short notice periods (7 and 15 days) in Florida for rent increases, particularly if the increase is substantial, can leave tenants with limited time to prepare.

This factor often leads individuals to seek legal assistance to contest the imposed rent increase. A lawyer's guidance can be beneficial when navigating such situations and advocating for tenant rights.

If your lease has been violated or you need to be given the proper number of days' notice for a rent increase, it may be necessary to seek assistance from a tenant lawyer to protect your rights against the landlord who has raised your rent.

Given the nature of these laws, such disputes are quite common, and some landlords may attempt to minimize the notification period to prevent tenants from contesting the change. Engaging a tenant lawyer can help you navigate these situations and uphold your rights.

For legal assistance and member support services, feel free to reach out to Mosaic Services, our property management company based in Central Florida. Additionally, we provide financial management and grounds maintenance services, working towards the empowerment of communities to thrive.

The Bottom Line

Different states in the U.S. have their own laws and regulations. The purpose is to set limits on annual rent to ensure affordable housing for citizens. These laws are established to protect citizens and work to limit landlords from conducting business freely as they like.

Even so, Florida's absence of rent control regulations can lead to tenant frustration when faced with significant rent increases, potentially impacting property owners' businesses.

However, Florida's overall business-friendly environment and laissez-faire mentality attract many individuals to the state. Consequently, the state generally avoids implementing laws that impede normal market dynamics, including rent control.

Compared to states like California and New York, affordable housing is less prominent of an issue in Florida. This is due to numerous small and mid-sized cities in the state offering a relatively low living cost.

The Bottom Line


When is a landlord allowed to increase rent in Florida?

Landlords can increase rent for any reason in Florida, provided they are not discriminating or retaliating against the tenant. Additionally, the landlords must give the lessee sufficient notice and cannot increase the rent during the fixed term of the rental agreement.

How much can a landlord raise rent in Florida?

Landlords in Florida can raise rents by any amount they want. There are no legal limits on rent increases.

How often can you expect a rental increase in Florida?

Landlords can increase rent as often as they like in Florida. They need to give tenants a sufficient rent increase notice beforehand.

How can I avoid rental increases in Florida?

Only a fixed-term lease can help you stop the landlord from raising the rent until the lease ends. After that period, your landlord can raise the rent however they want while renewing the lease.

Is Florida a good state for landlords?

Despite not boasting an exceptionally low rate, Florida maintains its reputation as a landlord-friendly state under its advantageous security deposit and eviction laws. Florida does not enforce statewide rent control ordinances, a policy consistent with other states.

Furthermore, landlords in Florida are prohibited from increasing tenant rent on standard fixed-term leases.

How long can one rent in Florida?

In Florida, there is no specific time limit to a residential lease agreement. Both oral and written lease agreements are considered legal and enforceable.

Does Raising the Rent Impact the Amount of the Security Deposit?

Rent increases do not affect the security deposit for existing tenants. However, for new renters, landlords can set the security deposit amount, which may be adjusted to align with the increased rent. In areas with rising rental prices, the new security deposit will likely be higher than what was paid for previous rentals.

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