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Why Hire A Community Management Company

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Should you buy and sell or buy and rent?

September 27, 20223 min read

With the recent changes in the real estate market has many investors thinking, should I buy and sell short term properties or hold onto them and rent them out? While there is no clear cut real estate investment strategy for every property or investor, there are some good arguments why buying and renting has many upsides. 

Let’s dive into this some more…

Things to consider when buying and selling

Buy and sell strategy can be profitable due to the added equity of the investment property once it is fixed up. Of course for it to work, the equity gained must be worthwhile. A crucial way to do this is by finding a way to do the needed renovations and repairs at a lower cost than the equity that they bring in. This isn’t as simple as TV shows like Fixer Upper or Flip or Flop make it seem.

In reality, investors who flip houses have a lot of experience, know the ins and outs, and know the market extremely well to be able to pull a profit. Since they give a lot of work to a select group of contractors, those contractors oftentimes give them rock bottom prices.

There is a lot to take into consideration when buying and selling. From tax penalties to knowing building codes to the long list of special skills it takes, there is a lot to take into consideration when buying and flipping a home. If you’re up to the challenge and in Central Florida, our experienced Real Estate team would love to help you find some great opportunities and help you purchase, renovate, and sell properties.

Things to consider when buying and renting

Rental income will just about always outperform real estate appreciation, except in rare cases. Rent is fundamental when it comes to a successful business managed on cash flow.

One of the biggest benefits of owning a rental property is that it can become a passive income source. This is an attractive option for people looking to make some additional money on the side or as additional financial security for retirement. Of course you will need to make sure the property will be profitable once you factor in going rates and expenses for the property.

Location, location, location – we’ve all heard it before when it comes to real estate. There are many different factors important to tenants but oftentimes a great tenant is willing to pay more or overlook certain aspects of a rental unit if the property is in a great neighborhood. Things to keep in mind: school zone quality, safety of the neighborhood, and close proximity to local stores and parks.

Owning a rental property can help you diversify your investments. You may already have money invested in the stock market and want to explore other avenues to spread out your risk. Or you may want to hold onto a property for a longer period of time while you wait for it to appreciate.

We strongly recommend before you begin the process of buying properties to rent them out to speak with a qualified Property Manager. Their years of experience will prove to be invaluable when it comes to buying and renting properties. Our team at Mosaic Property Services has over 20 years of experience with Real Estate and Property Management, we would love to help you out with your Central Florida needs.

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Should you buy and sell or buy and rent?

With the recent changes in the real estate market has many investors thinking, should I buy and sell short term properties or hold onto them and rent them out?

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