Short and long term rentals
In today’s market, we understand that there is a prime opportunity for investors. While the idea of the returns can be appealing, managing rental properties can be a challenge. Even for seasoned investors, mistakes can be costly. Mosaic services can provide you customized rental and investment solutions for all of your rental management needs.

We are more than just a rental property manager.
We are the eyes and ears to your home around the clock.


If you've owned an income property, you know that managing a rental can be financially rewarding. At the same time, you've also likely found that property management requires a large commitment of both your time and effort.

For some a do-it-yourself approach makes sense but for most, it isn't practical or the best solution. In fact, oftentimes a Property Manager will maximize your profits and increase the value of your property. Here are some of the property management services we provide at Mosaic:

    • Finding the right tenants
    • Collecting & depositing rent payments
    • Marketing & advertising your property
    • Managing maintenance & repairs
    • Managing your tenants
    • Setting the right rental rates
    • Ensuring you're in compliance with housing regulations & property laws
    • Maximizing the profitability of your time & money